Install required packages on FreeBSD


You can start with a fresh FreeBSD 9.0 installation, with ports from original CD media, not updated to keep as simple as possible.

Edit /etc/make.conf (might not exist)


This is done to keep the graphics/php-gd port from installing extra stuff for X, not having it will not stop anything form working.

Install required ports

Here's below a list FreeBSD ports that you have to install

  • databases/postgresql91-server
  • sysutils/bacula-client
  • www/apache22
  • lang/php5
  • www/php5-session
  • devel/php5-gettext
  • graphics/php5-gd

With PostgreSQL bacula catalog

  • databases/php5-pdo_pgsql
  • databases/php5-pgsql

With MySQL bacula catalog

  • databases/php5-mysql
  • databases/php5-pdo_mysql

With SQLite bacula catalog

  • databases/php5-sqlite
  • databases/php5-pdo_sqlite

Special note

A big thanks to Dean E. Weimer who provided me useful details for *BSD setup