Bacula-Web 5.1.0 release

Version: 5.1.0
Release date: July 25th 2011
Status: alpha (unstable)

What's new in this version

After I've spent the last 6 month to provide a more efficient and bug fewer tools, here's what you can expect from this version.

New dashboard

The main dashboard has been totaly reviewed, to know what have been changed, have a look on the documentation

Improved database's support

The source code has been Improved databases support for postgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL.
This new version should prevent errors and unexpected errors.

Multi-catalog support

Bacula-Web is more stable regarding multi-catalog configuration, you're able to see catalog's informations by selecting which catlog you want to use (top right list of the dashboard)

PHP version 4 support

For security and performance reasons, PHP4 support has been totally removed from this version.
You should use PHP version 5.0.0 at least.

More W3C compliant

A lot of efforts have been made to make Bacula-Web more compliant with HTML, CSS and Javascript code

Test page improvments

The test page allow you to check more items such as

  • PHP version
  • Template cache folder permission
  • PHP support for MySQL, postgreSQL and SQlite
  • PHP PDO support
  • etc ...

If you want to know what have been changed in the test page, go to the documentation

Client backup report page

A new report page that display usefull informations about clients backup is available now.

Pools and volumes report page

A new page that show you pools and volumes informations

Security improvments

A lot of efforts have been made to protect sensitive informations visible with Bacula-Web.

  • The security of the config file has been improved by changing his content (PHP script now)
  • A security vulnerability has been fixed (thanks to Leonardo Rota Botelho)

Fixed bugs

  • 0000023 [design] Problem with graph in the General report with more than 12 Backup jobs
  • 0000034 [bug-php] Useless PEAR:DB include in file
  • 0000030 [bug-html] Error.gif instead of Images
  • 0000029 [bug-pgsql] Unable to get volume number from catalog
  • 0000031 [bug-php] Big Red X in right side when Full mode is enabled
  • 0000004 [bug] Make w3c standard html code
  • 0000027 [bug-php] PHP Errors
  • 0000026 [bug-pgsql] PostgreSQL error
  • 0000025 [bug] Images not appearing correctly in latest version
  • 0000024 [design] Improve design of Bacula-Web when there's a lot of volumes
  • 0000019 [bug] Unreadable dates in graph
  • 0000012 [bug] Wrong spelling in popup
  • 0000011 [bug] Wrong size of database with postgreSQL
  • 0000022 [bug-php] List of jobs are no more display as expected

New features

  • 0000006 [feature] Scale Down bytes backed up to Kbytes, Mbytes or Gbytes
  • 0000007 [feature] Use JPgraph instead of phplot


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Bacula-Web is an open and free software project. I work on this project in my spare time only.
If you enjoy using Bacula-Web and would like to encourage the project efforts, please consider making a small donation. Thanks for your support