Bacula-Web 5.2.11

Version: 5.2.11
Release date: December 15th 2012
Status: stable


  • improved look and feel of dashboard and all other pages
  • internal code improvement starting implementing kind of MVC
  • code improvment with PHP PDO classes
  • some application exceptions message have been updated
  • cleaned up and splitted in different files CSS
  • fixed legend items order for Pools and volumes status widget in Dashboard
  • highlighted volume name column in Pools and volumes report page
  • fixed bug with SQLite for waiting jobs elapsed time in Jobs report page
  • improved and cleaned up design in Backup jobs report page
  • added last 24 hours running jobs information in Dashboard widget
  • merged Transfered bytes and files into the same cell in Dashboard widget
  • enhanced look and feel of the header
  • upgraded Smarty template engine to version 2.6.27
  • improved grid tables look and feel for Jobs report, Client report, Pools and Volumes and Dashbaord pages
  • code improvments for graph rendering php class
  • total of used disk space for volumes is displayed in a Dashboard widget
  • merged pools and volumes cells in dashboard widget
  • the Pools and volumes page will not display empty Pools if the option $hide_empty_pools is set to <true> in the configuration
  • from now you can sort job list by different criteria (JobId, Pool name, Job name, Job bytes and Job files) in Jobs report page
  • displayed jobs / total jobs has been fixed in Jobs report page
  • total of defined jobs and filesets are now displayed in a Dashboard widget
  • total of volumes is now displayed in a Dashboard widget
  • display "No job(s) to display from now in Jobs report page when there's no result

Fixed bugs

  • 0000047 [bug-php] index.php is blank (Fatal error: DrawGraph(): No data array in /opt/baculaweb/core/external/phplot/phplot.php on line 1701)
  • 0000050 [bug-php] unable to access to the interface"Blank page"
  • 0000063 [bug-sqlite] Jobs list - Elapsed time incorrect for running jobs
  • 0000071 [design] Missleading colors in dashboardNew features

New features

  • 0000003 [feature] Display total for stored volumes
  • 0000039 [feature] multiple catalogs: shows all pools from all catalogs
  • 0000044 [feature] Job status report - Sort job list by different column


Upgrading Bacula-Web is slightly easy, follow this guide


Support and feedback

As usual, you're able to create a bug report in the bug tracking tool for Bacula-Web.

Feedbacks or questions are welcome by mail to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch


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