Bacula-Web 5.2.12

Version: 5.2.12
Release date: January 24th 2013
Status: stable


  • Some internal php code cleanup
  • Cleaned up CSS code for header
  • Dashboard: Fixed items order for Pools and volumes status widget
  • Job report page: Display "No job(s) to display" when there's no jobs result instead of an empty table
  • Job logs page: Fixed bug with "odd and even" row in job logs table
  • General: Header look and feel improvments
  • General: Updated bug tracker url in header

Fixed bugs

  • 0000066 [bug-pgsql] new bacula-web install reports SQL error
  • 0000068 [bug-pgsql] pgsql bug with Pools graph in dashboard
  • 0000078 [bug-php] Last 24 hour summary if reporting the runnign jobs incorrectly
  • 0000080 [bug] Wrong jobs count value in last used volumes widget (Dashboard)
  • 0000081 [bug-php] Wrong FileSets information in Catalog statistics widget
  • 0000082 [bug-php] Wrong Clients information in Catalog statistics widget
  • 0000084 [translation] Dutch translation
  • 0000085 [bug-pgsql] pgsql bug with Pools and volumes widget when more than 9 Pools


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