Bacula-Web 5.2.13

Released on April 1st 2013
Status: stable


  • General: code cleanup and improvment
  • General: improved header look and feel (cleaned up html and css)
  • General: ability to use home icon in the header to show the dashboard
  • General: improved exception handling by showing exception trace
  • General: implemented PHP class autload
  • General: browser title display the current page name from now
  • Test page: added php timezone check
  • Pools and volumes report page: fixed html code for empty pools
  • Test page: fixed a bug with database connection status (was showing wrong connection status)
  • Jobs report page: moved display options box on the right

Fixed bugs

  • 0000075 [bug-pgsql] Special Character in db_name results in "database does not exist"
  • 0000079 [bug] Slow graphs generation
  • 0000086 [bug] Wrong waiting jobs count in Dashboard widgets
  • 0000087 [bug-mysql] issue accessing dashboard page with MySQL 5.0.32-7
  • 0000090 [bug-html] Remove the top white bar on the main page
  • 0000093 [bug-mysql] Database error


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