Bacula-Web 5.2.6

Version: 5.2.6
Release date: May 24th 2012
Status: stable


  • Updated french translation (thanks to Guillaume Delacour)
  • Fixed client sort order in Client report form (dashboard)
  • Updated links in header to point to the new website (About and Bugs)
  • Fixed charset (utf8) in template header
  • Added PHP session support check in test page
  • Fixed client architecture field in Client report page
  • Improved exceptions and error handling
  • Fixed bug with last used volume in dashboard (don't display not used volumes)
  • PHP code improvment

Fixed bugs

  • 0000048 [translation] Updated French translation
  • 0000049 [bug-mysql] Port setting for database not picked up


As usual, you're able to create a bug report in the bug tracking tool for Bacula-Web.
Don't forget to specify the version 5.2.6

Feedbacks or questions are welcome by mail to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch


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