Bacula-Web 6.0.0

Release date: on November 11th 2013

Status: stable


  • General php code improvments
  • Renamed docs folder to DOCS
  • General CSS code cleanup and improvments
  • Fixed smarty-gettext version (using latest version, even if it's outdated)
  • Job logs report: Added message "No log(s) for this job" in Job logs report page when logs are missing
  • General: New Navigation "Back" link on top of each page (except Dashboard)
  • Dashboard: Fixed label position for Pie chart in CGraph->Render() function
  • General: Fixed problem for users having an javascript disabled (or noscript
  • Dashboard: Implemented period selection in dashboard (last day, last week, last month, since beginning of time)

Fixed bugs

  • 0000069 [security] Prevent to browse some directories
  • 0000076 [design] Add noscript submit button where ever it does not exist (example provided)
  • 0000089 [bug-mysql] Bypass database size information in Dashboard for MySQL version 4.x.x
  • 0000098 [bug] gitignore included in tarball
  • 0000099 [bug] Default graph colors hides legends
  • 0000101 [bug-pgsql] Wrong SQL to make 'Last used volumes graph'
  • 0000102 [bug-pgsql] error on get information from remote postgresql server

New features

  • 0000043 [feature] Job Status Report for a specific client
  • 0000052 [feature] Database connection through unix socket
  • 0000067 [feature] Dashboard date range selector
  • 0000073 [feature] Widget "Last 24 hours status" should be switchable to LAST_WEEK and LAST_MONTH
  • 0000106 [feature] Default jobs number settings in configuration
  • 0000107 [feature] Jobs average speed in Jobs and backup job report


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