Bacula-Web 7.1.0

Release date: April 4th 2016
Type: Minor features and bugfixes
: stable


  • Dashboard: Fixed problem with jobs running since more than 24 hours
  • Pools and volumes
    • Total of bytes used now displayed for each pool
    • Display slot number of volumes (if using a library)
  • General:
    • PHP 5.6 and higher version compatibility improvments
    • Many code fixes and improvments
  • Pools and volumes report: Volumes table now display slot number
  • Jobs report: you can filter jobs with status "Terminated with errors"
  • Translation: Portuguese brazilian have been updated and added Japanese

Fixed bugs

  • 0000170 [bug] Warning: Division by zero in jobs.php
  • 0000171 [bug] Running and Waiting jobs older than 24 hours are not visible in Dashboard
  • 0000172 [bug-php] Sometimes we see negative 0.00 compression value in job view
  • 0000174 [bug-php] PHP issues with non-static methods call
  • 0000185 [bug-php] Wrong backup job speed in Backup Job report

New features

  • 0000157 [feature] Add missing job status filter (Terminated with errors) in Jobs report page
  • 0000159 [feature] Volume report slot in tape robot
  • 0000175 [feature] Display total of Bytes for each Pool


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