Bacula-Web 7.2.0

Release date: June 28th 2016
Type: Minor features and bugfixes
: stable


  • General: The catalog dropdown is now displayed even if you have only one catalog defined
    I tought it would be much better to always see on which bacula instance your are monitoring
  • General: Dashboard link have been removed from reports dropdown menu in header
  • General: Bootstrap upgraded to version 3.3.6
  • General: Bacula-Web will not die even if there's no data to display in graphs (see Mantis #00180 below)
  • Dashboard: Improved dashboard layout by moving catalog statistics on top of the page
  • Test page: As of now, you should run at least PHP version 5.4 to have Bacula-Web running smoothly

Fixed bugs

  • 0000180 [bug-php] DrawGraph No data array error in http logs
  • 0000187 [bug-php] Total of bytes per pool problem in Pool and volumes report
  • 0000190 [bug-php] Some backup jobs in Jobs report page shows a duration of 0 second

New features

  • 0000142 [feature] Filter Job Report by Backup Level
  • 0000192 [feature] Add filter by Start/End Time in Jobs report


  • As of Bacula-Web 7.1.1, all language translations are hosted on
    If you want to help translating in your language, please follow Bacula-Web documentation


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