Bacula-Web 7.0.2

Release date: January 22nd 2015
Type: maintenance / bug fix release
Status: stable


  • General: Catalog selector now display current catalog label
  • General: Web UI look and feel improvements
  • General: Improved PHP code security and best practices compliance (PSR2)
  • General: Improve support of PHP version 5.5 (see #000147)
  • General: Pie graphs without data will display a message like "There's no data to display" (see #000137)
  • General: With version 7.0.1, graphs appear randomly. This has been fixed by delaying graphs display (thanks to cpasqualini)
  • General: Breadcrumb navigation bar design has been improved
  • Jobs report: Jobs icon are now colourized depending on the job status
  • Translations: Update messages.po file for all languages
  • Requirements: Minimal supported PHP version have been raised to >= 5.3

Fixed bugs

  • 0000100 [bug-pgsql] Wrong SQL to make 'Pools and volumes status' graph
  • 0000137 [bug-php] Pie graph empty if there's no value
  • 0000140 [bug-php] Fix and improve breadcrumb navigation
  • 0000145 [bug/design] Catalog selector should display current catalog name
  • 0000146 [bug] Graphs sometimes disappear on Firefox 33.0
  • 0000147 [bug-php] Improve support for PHP version >= 5.5
  • 0000150 [bug-php] Improve check of $_GET value for joblogs.php
  • 0000151 [bug-php] Period string not translated in Dashboard
  • 0000153 [bug-php] Missing file include in client report page
  • 0000154 [bug-php] Potential bug in constant definition (
  • 0000156 [bug-php] Icon not visible for completed jobs with errors in Jobs report page
  • 0000158 [bug-php] Catalog id stored in user session should not take precedence over default catalog
  • 0000160 [bug-html] Graphs loaded randomly (issue 146 not yet fixed)

New features

  • none


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