Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc2

Release date: March 2nd 2018
Type: release candidate for major version 8.0.0
: testing


  • General
    • Users authentication feature added
  • Test page
    • Check if application/assets/protected is writable
  • User and general settings
    • Users can reset their password
    • Possibility to add more users from general settings page
  • Security
    • Fixed many SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities (see fixed bugs)
  • Development
    • Large amount of code improvment and cleanup
    • Upgrade moment/moment to version 2.19.2
    • Add Bootstrap validator to Composer's requirements
  • Documentation
    • Bacula-Web can be installed using the archive, or via Composer
    • Documentation got cleaned up, restructured and updated

Fixed bugs

  • 0000211 [security-issue] SQL Injection in jobs.php
  • 0000226 [bug] Clicking job name in jobs.php gives http error 500
  • 0000227 [bug-php] Deprecated split() function with PHP-7.0 in BWeb class
  • 0000230 [bug-php] Exception message Language translation problem
  • 0000231 [bug-php] Volume slot number should be set to n/a if not in changer
  • 0000232 [bug-php] Error while ordering volumes
  • 0000233 [bug] Wrong empty volume's date
  • 0000236 [security-issue] - XSS vulnerabilities in jobs page

New features

  • 0000092 [feature] Implement user authentication


  • None

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