Bacula-Web 5.2.10

Version: 5.2.10
Release date: August 9th 2012
Status: stable


  • upgraded Smarty gettext plugin to version 0.9.1
  • many CSS code improvments
  • SQLite database support improvments
  • fixed database size with SQLite in dashboard
  • added SQLite PDO support in test page
  • test page display template cache full path
  • files structure have been improved and cleaned up
  • many internal code improvments
  • fixed bugy CSS with Internet Explorer
  • improved design of dashboard
  • in job reports page, restore jobs were displaying empty value for pool, replaced now by N/A
  • upgraded PHPLot to version 5.8.0
  • portuguese brazil translation have been added (Thanks to Brivaldo Junior)
  • new option in configuration file [show_inactive_clients]
  • numbers are now formated regarding choosen language in the configuration
  • documentation have been moved into /docs folder

Fixed bugs

  • 0000033 [bug] Client report stops at RestoreJob (BaculaWeb 5.1.0 alpha)
  • 0000038 [feature] with multiple catalogs every client is shown in Reports drop down
  • 0000042 [feature] Dashboard can not show all graph legends
  • 0000045 [feature] Backup job - ability to see logs
  • 0000055 [translation] Upgrade pt_BR translation
  • 0000057 [bug-html] Bacula-web does not display a version string in the web interface
  • 0000058 [bug-html] client-report.php is reporting deprecated notice errors about split()
  • 0000059 [bug-html] Large numbers are showing apostrophes instead of commas for thousands separator when language is set to en_EN
  • 0000061 [bug-html] Design issue with Internet explorer 8
  • 0000062 [bug-php] SQLite connection issue - invalid data source name


This version have been succesfully tested under

  • Centos 5.x with Bacula version 5.0.3 (MySQL)
  • Centos 5.x with Bacula version 5.2.6 (MySQL)
  • Centos 6.x with Bacula version 5.0.3 (postgreSQL)
  • Centos 6 with Bacula version 5.0.3 (SQLite)


Upgrading Bacula-Web is slightly easy, follow this guide

Support and feedback

As usual, you're able to create a bug report in the bug tracking tool for Bacula-Web.
Don't forget to specify the version 5.2.6

Feedbacks or questions are welcome by mail to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch


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