Why reviving this project ?

Since several years, I'm using as you this amazing open source backup tool Bacula and I was looking for a web based tool that provide me usefull informations about last night jobs.

My first look were on webacula and bweb that are nice to use and features full but maybe pretty much not easy to install and configure.
Then, I've found Bacula-Web which wasn't patched and updated since many years.

I submited patches to Bacula developper list and after some commit, i proposed to become the official maintainer of this project. That's was on July 2010.

I know that there's a lot of web based console for administring, monitoring and configuring bacula such as

You can find a complete list of GUI in the Bacula's web site

Because bacula-web stand to be (for both next patch and future release)

  • Really easy to install, configure and upgrade
  • Easy to use (after you've successfully installed, you just need a web browser, no GUI)
  • Usefull (see roadmap for the next version's coming)

I'm still using bacula-web for professional and home usage and just want to share with everyone

  • fixes and enhancement I've created on my side
  • Added features such as a new test page
  • Improved design
  • Fixed some SQL query bugs (MySQL and postgreSQL)

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