What's Bacula-Web ?

Bacula-Web is a web based reporting and monitoring tool which provide you usefull information about your Bacula infrastructure like jobs, pools, volumes, jobs logs, clients and backup jobs reports and much much more ...
Bacula-Web is free (like a bird) and released under the term of the GPL v 2.0 license.

Bacula-Web main advantage are the simplicity of installation, easy to configure and it's totally web based without needing local fat client install, configure and upgrades.

If you're interested in full detailled features list, it may be found in the documentation section.
You will be surprised at the way the ease of use of the Bacula-Web tool.

The only things you need is a well working and configured LAMP server and a valid database connection to your Bacula catalog.

Bacula-Web GUI (graphical user interface) is mostly written in PHP and is compatible with your preferred OS such as Red Hat, Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, etc.


Have a look on the documentation and learn how to install, configure and use Bacula-Web


Bacula-Web have some good detailled features that you might be interested in


Go to the Support page and find information that might help you to setup Bacula-Web

Get latest version

Download Bacula-Web

latest stable: version 7.4.0 (released on May 7th 2017)
release candidate: version 8.0.0-rc.1 (release on October 19th 2017)

Latest news

2017-10-19 18:41

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc1 released

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc1 is available now

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2017-09-28 20:21

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-RC1 status update

Status update about next release candidate version

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