Installing previous versions

This section explain how to install and configure previous versions of Bacula-Web (5.0.3 and prior)


Before installing Bacula-Web on your server, you must ensure that you full fill Bacula-Web's requirements

  • Apache Web server version 2.x
  • PHP version 5.x with the following modules
    • Gettext (optional, only used for translation)
    • GD library (used by PHPlot library)
    • TrueType (optional)
    • MySQL, postgreSQL or SQLite (depend on your bacula's setup)
  • PEAR DB package
  • Up and running Bacula director's database (with MySQL, postgreSQL or SQLite)

Install required packages

Follow the section documented for current version

Then, install the PEAR DB package by following your distribution's documentation

Configuring Bacula-Web

Modify the parameters in the config file configs/bacula.conf following your database server configuration

Required parameters

Parameter Value Example
host ip address or hostname of the server localhost, backupserver or
login database user able to connect to the database bacula
pass database user's password reallystrongpassword
db_name database / schema name bacula
db_type database type mysql, pgsql,sqlite

Optional parameters

Parameter Value Example
mode Lite, Full Lite = only last 24 hours's jobs / Full = Full list of Jobs
lang en_EN

By default in English (en_EN), for more language,
see documentation for more languages.

index_report 0 or 1 If set to 1, display a report form (this options will be removed in a next releases)


mode = Full
language = en_EN

host = localhost
login = bacula
pass = baculapassword
db_name = bacula
db_type = mysql
db_port = 3306

Install Bacula-Web

Prepare Apache folder

Uncompress the downloaded archive and change owner and permissions

# tar -xzf bacula-web-x-x.tar.gz -C /var/www/html/bacula-web
# chown -Rv apache:apache ./bacula-web
# chmod -Rv u=rx,g=rx,o=rx ./bacula-web

Change Smarty template cache folder permissions

# chmod -v ug+w ./bacula-web/templates_c

Testing Bacula-Web

After installing and configuring Bacula-Web, just ensure that Bacula-Web will work fine.

A test page exist for this purpose that check the following items

  • required package are succesfully installed
  • smarty template cache good permissions
  • php modules are installed and properly configured

To test your installation of Bacula-Web, follow this link