Bacula-Web 8.0.0-RC1 status update

2017-09-28 20:21 by Davide (comments: 0)

Hello all,

I'm happy to inform you that Bacula-Web 8.0.0-RC1 release is just around the corner.

What about next release

Since version 7.4.0, a lot of things have been improved and more features have been added.

To have a overview of what's coming, please have a look at the development roadmap.

The release note will contain all details about this new version

Why a release candidate ?

Like I said before, a lot of things have been changed in the code, and even if I've tested mostly everything, I can't guarantee it will work on your system without small issue.

This is the purpose of a release candidate.
Once everything is "stabilized" and bugs fixed, I'll release a 8.0.0 version.

What next ?

There's a long waiting feature which is user authentication, this one will come with 8.0.0-RC2.
As some part of the code needs improvements, I'll not be able to provide this feature in 8.0.0-RC1, sorry for that.
But I'll update the documentation with a simple workaround which will at least, protect Bacula-Web from unwanted access.

So from now, what I need to focus on is

  • updating the documentation
  • make sure it works on several platforms like Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, etc.
  • fix small glitches and bugs

Once this is done, which will take few days from now, the new version will come.


In case you missed it ...

Bacula-Web source code is hosted on GitHub.
Documentation is available here (thumbs up to Read the Docs)
For any feature request or bug report, there's a Mantis bug tracker

As usual, any questions or feedback are welcome

Thanks for supporting and using Bacula-Web

Best regards


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