Latest news (General information and releases)

2015-03-26 16:43 by Davide

Bacula-Web 7.0.3 released

Bacula-Web 7.0.3 is available from now

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2015-03-12 11:00 by Davide

Bacula-Web 7.0.3 coming soon

Hurry up !!! The next bugfix / maintenance release of Bacula-Web is coming soon

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2015-01-22 11:15 by Davide

Bacula-Web 7.0.2 released

Bacula-Web 7.0.2 have been released

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2015-01-21 07:39 by Davide

Mantis bug tracker maintenance

The Mantis bug tracker for the Bacula-Web project will be under maintenance

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2015-01-20 13:29 by Davide

Next release is coming soon

Here's some highlights about the upcoming version coming in the next few days

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