Latest news (General information and releases)

2014-11-19 17:23 by Davide

Bacula-Web 7.0.0 released

Bacula-Web 7.0.0 have been released

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2014-11-03 11:48 by Davide

Next release preview

A quick overview about what's coming in next Bacula-Web version (version 7.0.0)

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2014-09-23 10:19 by Davide

Bacula-Web demo available

A demo of Bacula-Web is available on web site

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2014-07-29 14:50 by Davide

Bacula-Web 6.0.1 released

Bacula-Web 6.0.1 have been released

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2014-03-01 12:17 by Davide

Web site currently updated

The web site CMS and content will be updated within the next few days

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