Latest news (General information and releases)

2014-02-22 11:08 by Davide

Project status update

Few information about Bacula-Web official web site and next release plan date

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2014-02-04 11:52 by Davide

Git repo under maintenance

Bacula-Web web based git repo is under maintenance ... it will be back shortly ;)

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2014-01-20 19:44 by Davide

Bacula-Web project status update

A quick status update about Bacula-Web project

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2013-11-19 10:38 by Davide

Git repo available from now

Web based Git repository for Bacula-Web available

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2013-11-17 10:40 by Davide

Documentation updated

As mentioned in a previous post, the documentation have been updated to explain how and why Bacula-Web release will use a different version numbering.

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