Latest stable version

Here below you can download Bacula-Web 8.3.2 compressed archive.

This tar.gz contain Bacula-Web with pre-installed Composer libraries and is hosted on the GitHub project

Release date: 15th August 2019 ( changelog )

Version sha256
Bacula-Web 8.3.2 05be91a30a0937d097fc20518cb849e919230f6f6acf82787faf7c4b891128fb

Important note

Bacula-Web prior version 8.0.0 suffer several SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities (see CVE-2017-15367 and CVE-2014-8295 for more details).

I strongly recommend you to use at least Bacula-Web version 8.0.1.

A big thanks to Gustavo Sorondo for his help to fix those security issues.